Electric bike rental

Starting in Mélisey and Faucogney-et-la-Mer, come discover the natural and cultural heritage of this region nicknamed "Little Finland".


Electric VTC

With the electric VTCs, take on the small roads of the 'Boucle de la Mer' (24 km) and the 'Boucle de la Petite Finlande' (33 km), to enjoy the unique landscapes of the 1000 Étangs. For the sportier ones, the Planche des Belles Filles awaits you (62 km / 1800m of ascending elevation) !

Electric VTT (mountain bike)

Many will also want to explore this atypical nature with electric VTTs. The trails of the 'Base VTT des 1000 Étangs' will allow you to discover the area, between water and moutains.

Renting prices in 2019

  • 25€ per half-day per person

  • 35€ per day per person


5€ discount with the Passeport Tourisme

1500€ security deposit cheque required


Réseau VAE is a label, complementary with the « Accueil Vélo » label, created specially for electric bike users with 3 main objectives :
  • The guarantee of a welcome suited to electric bike users
  • The guarantee to be able to recharge freely your electric bike, so you can trace your route accordingly, with frequent relay points.
  • The proximity of activities as you wait for the bike to recharge (leisure area, restaurants, places to visit, ...)
List of labelled locations, downloadable HERE

You want to be accompagnied for an electric bike excursion ? You are a family or a group of friends and want a guide ?

In the summer (or on demand), we organize "Gourmet cycling" excursions, which includes a guided tour of the landmarks and hidden treasures of the 1000 Étangs, on electric bikes, with a gourmet break.

We can also design an excursion to your liking, depending on what you want to see, your cycling skill, the local products you want to try ... i.e. a custom electric bike excursion.

Sortie à la Planche
Sortie à la Planche
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