Explore, with the family, the natural and cultural heritage



The Photo Rally

3,5 km trail starting at the Plateau des Grilloux in Servance

Ludic games to explore the wonders of nature and heritage.

Understand the landscapes to better preserve them !

The booklet is available for free at the Tourist Office, or downloadable here.



"A la Poursuite de Grand Beuletin" 

Augmented reality game on smartphone
Downloadable on Apple store and Play store 
5km trail starting at the Plateau des Grilloux in Servance 

Dive in the legend of Gargantua and Granbeuletin and go after these two giants starting a panic on the Plateau des 1000 Étangs.

A game, in augmented reality, where you are the hero ! For each step of the way, you will have to choose your actions with the tools gathered along the way, while making sure not to lose too many hitpoints.

Game downloadable here



Enjoy the sea (La Mer) … in Haute-Saône 

La Mer is a small hamlet, part of Faucogney since 1808, hence the full name "Faucogney-et-la-Mer". The word "mer" derives from a celtic word meaning 'swamp' ('marais' in french), unlike the common use of the word meaning 'sea'. There are still peat bogs, but the swamps have been drained into ponds.

With no difficulties, this 4 km long trail can be enjoyed by all the family (even accessible with a stroller) !



The Espace Nature Culture in Chateau-Lambert 

 A ludic permanent exhibition presents the natural and cultural riches of the Vosges du Sud.
Temporary exhibition are also set up every year with themattics on the fauna and flora of the Parc naturel régional des Ballons des Vosges.



The Master of Secret game in Faucogney-et-la-Mer

Since 2010, Faucogney is part of the network "Cités de Caractère de Bourgogne-Franche-Comté", whose goal is to preserve, highlight and promote the heritage of its 34 towns.

In this context, the historic town offers you an interactive game of 'Master of Secrets'. Along a trail of local heritage discovery, with your senses of observation, deduction and your general knowledge, solve the riddles … and maybe you will become the master of secrets !

"Ideal for families who want to discover the heritage of a small town of character in Franche-Comté in a convivial and interactive context."

The tour is around two hours long. Booklet available at the Tourist Office (in french).

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