Melisey, along the Ognon river


At the entrance to the 1000 Étangs area, Mélisey controls the access to its more mountainous parts. Its many hamlets are spread around the village center, between 325 and 480 meters of altitude.

Large village of around 1'800 inhabitants, called 'Morgelots', it is organised around the confluence of the Ognon river with the stream of La Mer and the Mansevillers, both flowing down from the plateau.

The romanesque choir of Saints Pierre and Paul church

The apse and the belltower date from the XIIth century. They were built on the foundations of an older parish church : the archeological excavations in 1989 and 1990 uncovered two monolithic sarcophagi from the VIIIth century.

The framework of the nave was in poor conditions in the early XIXth century, after several wars. It was eventually demolished, to be rebuilt in the late XIXth century in a neogothic architecture. It was initially planned to also replace the belltower, but that was postponed and eventually dropped for lack of funds. But both parts are built with the same stone, the pink sandstone from the Vosges mountains.

The romanesque elements (choir span, belltower, apse) are listed among the "Monuments Historiques" since 1986.

The church near the Ognon river
The church near the Ognon river

Discover the ponds

Discover the ponds, the fauna and flora around it, along the hiking trail 'De la Noie Villerand au Grand Rosbeck'. This discovery trail is family-friendly and ends with a nice vantage point on Mélisey, its church, Saint Barthélémy church, and the 'Mont de Vannes'. For a more sportive hike, there is a fitness trail.


The Mont de Vannes

At 700m of altitude, it lords over the town and the valley. An hermit who settled there in the XVIIth century is said to have named it so. In the Middle Ages, the abbeys mined iron on the hill flanks. They eventually discovered lead ore, a valuable commodity used in stained glass, sealing and pipes.

To access the wonderful view from the summit (starting in Mélisey)

- By car : follow the road to Fresse, then, near the village entrance, turn right toward the 'Camping de la Broche'. Keep going on the small road, which climbs up to the vantage point, a glider take off area.

- On foot : from the Saint Barthélémy town hall, follow the horseriding trail markings (orange horseshoe or paint), pass by the 'Moulin des Oiseaux' then on the stone path to the ancient abbey and the vantage point. (Careful, arduous walk, equip yourself with a topographic map)


The leisure area

The leisure area "La Praille", with its summer pool, offers a family relaxation area in a splendid natural setting. Picnic area, playground, minigolf, petanque, volleyball and basketball grounds are all free.

The swimming pool is open in July and August. A 25 meters pool, a slide and a paddling pool will let you enjoy the water, and a grassy area to work on your tan.

Opening hours (in July and August) : 12 pm - 8 pm

Prices (for the day)
- Adults : 3€
- Children (3 to 12) : 2,3€
- Children (under 3) : Free
- Guided groups : 1,5€ per person

Fidelity card - adults : 30€ for 12 admissions
Fidelity card - children : 23€ for 12 admissions

Informations : 03 84 20 02 75

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